Creative solutions to tackle plastic pollution

Plastic is widely used material with great advantages but the damage from this material is great too. Polimex Team is concerned about it, so we’d like to find out possible ways to tackle this problem. Please join us!

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So what can we do?

In fact, we can do a lot to address plastic pollution.

1. Reduce. Plastic is not a problem, misuse is. Try to change your everyday behavior and use plastic when strictly necessary.

2. Reuse. Just before throwing plastic items, consider how they can be reused. There is a huge amount of fantastic ways to do it.

3. Recycle. Did you know that just 9% of plastic is recycled worldwide. Recycling helps keep plastics out of the nature and reduces the amount of discarded plastic.

But actually this problem much more complicated. Nonetheless, many innovative solutions to resolve this problem are beginning to appear. Let’s look at some of the great ideas.

Ideas of plastic reuse in the household

At present time there are a huge amount of supporters of this super idea. For example, we can make amazing plant pots with a unique design out of plastic bottles.

Do you have many small plastic bottles? Put there different nails, nuts, screws and other spare parts. You can do the same with other small stuff. Chocolate eggs, small cars and other small figures can be collected and stored in plastic containers. Try to make a Trash Can from plastic bottles. Create a container perfect for outside trash disposal. Just don't abandon your plastic bottles to do it.

Transformation of plastic fishing nets into energy

Polimex Team is inspired by this super idea of The Fishing for Energy partnership. It helps fishermen properly use old and abandoned fishing nets and other plastic gear. Additionally, using this stuff, they also directly retrieve lost fishing things out of the ocean. All metal parts are recycled, and plastic nets and other gear are converted into electricity. Could you imagine that about one ton of old nets offers enough electricity to power a house for 25 days? The National Fish and Wildlife Foundation works with the NOAA Marine Debris Program, Covanta, and Schnitzer Steel Industries to prevent coast pollution.

Sculptures of the marine life from plastic trash

Yes, this is quite creative idea from artist Angela Haseltine Pozzi. She with other volunteers cleaned the beaches of southern Oregon and turn the trash into sculptures. In addition, Washed Ashore's latest project, funded by the NOAA Marine Debris Program makes a contribution into student’s education about marine debris. Different marine figures from plastic serve as ambassadors for educational programs in zoos, aquariums, and museums. Since 2010 were created more than 60 sculptures.

Recycling Plastic into Oil

Akinori Ito, the Japanese inventor is credited with this solution.  He designed a household appliance that turn plastic into fuel. Akinori Ito says that plastic is a processed crude oil, and it can be transformed back to its first form. Then we can use it as an alternative fuel.

We're so inspired by these brilliant solutions. Polimex Group is very committed to ecology, therefore, we can offer you quite "green" shrink films to make your packaging or label perfect and sustainable. We are sure you’re going to love them!