Good packaging is crucial. Any doubts?

Polimex Team, as a producer of shrink films for packages and labels, suggests you to find out why should you care about your product wraps.

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Product packaging plays a more important role in consumer decisions than everybody considers. Packaging interacts with your customers in some special way. For sure, every packaging needs to be given necessary attention when creating and developing a company.

Packaging is powerful because it shows the difference of your product to consumers. For instance, Apple, it is famous for its clean, minimalist packaging. Have you ever watched an unboxing video for a new iPhone? It’s obvious, why people love Apple's packaging.

And let's look what can do a bad packaging. For example, Australia has got a plain packaging law for cigarettes. To discourage young people from smoking the government removed rights of packaging branding. Because of packages, covered with different health warnings Australia has achieved the biggest smoking decline in 20 years.

Still in doubt? So let’s take a glance why packaging is so important.

1. You will definitely stand out among competitors. Individual style gives you a great opportunity to get more clients. Think about a good packaging when set up a company. Of course, you will have a lot of challenges such as office rent, looking for employees, attract consumers. But don't forget about your product packaging, it is essential. Presently, a lot of products comes in a not-so-standard container. And it complicates the task!

2. You are memorable. When your brand has individual characteristics - it will be remembered and will be distinguished among other companies. It's enough a couple of seconds to form an idea of a brand. Think about it. Keep in mind that recognizable brands should not change a packaging design completely. Try to save your uniqueness.

3. You will sell more. What comes before the sale? That's right, packaging. We are used to judging a person by his appearance. In business, absolutely the same. If you were able to get a potential client with the appearance of your company - 50% of the way is passed. Then everything depends on the quality of your product, customer service and sales department. After all, packaging is not a panacea, it is only one of the most important stages of building a business.

4. You will sell more expensive. You know that well-packed products attract much more clients then worse ones, even if the cost is higher. Right packaging makes the cost of your product more expensive. Remember that visual memory is 50% better developed than others.

5. Packaging color affects purchase habits. It’s crucial to define your target demographic before deciding on a main color for your product packaging. Because the colors play a key role in our buying decisions. For example, white packaging convey simplicity, safety and purity. A light sky blue color is considered more playful, while a dark blue is considered more professional. Our brain strongly reacts to colors, so they should be right.

So did you change your mind? If so, choose Polimex’s shrink films to better care about your product label or packaging. Get in touch with our Team to find out all details.