How packaging and labeling affect purchasing decisions

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In the era of goods abundance, their packaging and label play a crucial role. Packaging is the first thing a potential buyer pays attention to. It’s obviously, that among a large number of the same products a consumer will choose the one, that is more attractive and cause a ripple effect.

Polimex Group specializes in the production of shrink films, especially for packaging and labeling, so we’d love to find out how it influences purchasing decisions.

Some facts 

 - 1/3 of product decision-making is based just on packaging. In our mind, product packaging and its quality are directly related. A product with great labeling and packaging grabs a customer’s attention, and it's also associated with high-quality ingredients inside.

- Interestingly, we only need 7 seconds to make a decision. A product has too little time to catch our attention. So, it's important that goods stand out from other items on the shelf.

So what makes us to buy this particular product?

How product packaging and label affect consumer decisions

1. Color. Plays a huge role in influencing customer purchases. It helps to create a certain image and cause associations with a certain product. For instance, white and pastel are associated with dairy products. Yellow tends to be associated with a sense of happiness and clarity. It is known that the color of the packaging can cause emotions that affect the decision to purchase. By the way, thanks to the

transparency of Polimex’s shrink films you can easily experiment with color.

2. Original design. Consumers would return to a business for another purchase if they received their good in premium packaging. Buyers are also likely to reuse originally-designed packaging. Additionally, such product will stand out among a huge amount of other ones.

3. Functionality. Quality packaging has to be functional. Its main function is to prevent damage when transporting the product from manufacturer to store and then from store to someone’s home. The right choice of material is a subject of great importance. It affects the integrity, taste and safety of the product.

4. Eco-friendliness. Nowadays, this is a super trend. All of us understand current situation in the world, that’s why there is a tendency to promote the use of “green” packaging.

5. Information. Consumers need to know exactly what they are buying before they pay money. Product labeling need to contain all the information so that consumers could make an informed purchase. The content of the package is an ideal and perhaps the last chance to explain why this product is different than another. Informed shopper is likely to be a buyer.

As you can see, we can’t understate the importance of packaging and labeling. If you want the customers recommend the products to their friends and family, carefully consider all these aspects. In addition, Polimex Group can support you during the whole development of your project offering eco-friendly shrink films.

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