It all started with PVC

PVC is the first material used for shrink sleeve films and is still the most used in the world.

Back in the days, the PVC film used to be not so eco-friendly.

Nowadays we luckily have last generation materials that are recyclable.

There are some general characteristics all the PVC films share:

  • the process, print and shrink well;

  • present a great shrink curve and different shrink ratios;

  • can be printed with rotogravure, letterpress, offset and flexo, using UV, solvent or water-based inks;

  • can have UV protection grades as well as optical brightener grades;

  • have poor scuff resistance and squeezability.

Generally, the PVC film shows a moderate shrink force, meaning that will crush empty containers, and not relaxes on empty HDPE containers, avoiding a loose sleeve effect.

The Polimex PVC

During the last decades, manufacturers made huge investments in R&D for developing new materials that would be more and more sustainable, as our partner Hanwha constantly does, also switching to environmentally friendly substances for its PVC production.

Our PVC offers some peculiar characteristics:

  • comes in three rates of shrinkage, high (66%), medium (62%) and low (58%);

  • is simple to process, offering good sealability and cut properties;

  • offers a great value/cost ratio;

  • has high transparency, allowing labels to show more vivid colors;

  • is designed for containers with highly complex shapes;

  • shrinks slowly, contributing to obtaining perfectly adherent labels on the bottle or container;

  • presents moderate shrinkage force and works perfectly with thin bottles, not ruining their form.

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