Pick the best film for your shrink sleeve project

Each shrink sleeve project is different for the shape of the packaging, the artwork on the sleeve, the equipment used, etc…  That’s why it is very important to choose the film that fulfills at best all the requirements of your customers.

Discover here the unique characteristics of Polimex PVC, OPS, and PETg films, manufactured by our partners.


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The Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) shrink film is usually the most cost competitive material and the easiest to control in the shrink process, it is scuff resistant and offers excellent surface transparency along with easiness in printing and heat seaming. PVC is also a versatile film because fits to complexly shaped containers thanks to the different level of shrinkage.


With over 60 years of history since its foundation in South Korea, Hanwha is today are a Fortune Global 500 company leading internationally in a broad range of businesses, ranging from aerospace to chemical industry, from solar energy to finance and services. Innovation, efficiency and sustainable growth drive the Research & Development of Hanwha for offering its customers cutting-edge technologies and high-quality products that help them improve productivity and efficiency.

Hanwha L&C is a branch of the Hanwha Group specialized in high-tech building materials. With expertise gathered after many years of experience, Hanwha L&C is a global market leading company providing polymer films, coverings and construction materials. Hanwha L&C uses PVC resin from its parent company Hanwha Chemical and is able to guarantee shrink film with excellent shrinkage, mechanical properties, gloss, and transparency, thanks to the full supervision of all the in-house processes of production, from the raw material to the finished film coil. Moreover, with recent technological investments, Hanwha Chemical aims to double its production in order to satisfy the growing demand of the market.

Why choose our PVC?

The Hanwha L&C PVC film is suitable for a broad range of applications thanks to its excellent quality of shrinkage and mechanical properties, along with excellent gloss and transparency.

            • Excellent transparency and flatness
            • Excellent processability during printing, cutting, tubular seaming, and shrinkage
            • High-performance surface for increased printability
            • Suitable for complex-shaped containers thanks to various types of shrinkage: Low <58%, Medium <62% and High <66%


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            The Oriented Polystyrene (OPS) film offers the most consistent finish due to the lowest vertical shrink feature and is commonly used for containers that will be squeezed during application. The OPS molecular weight is lower than both PVC and PET, offering a cost advantage, but the shrink initiation temperatures are relatively low, necessitating controlled conditions in transportation and storage.

            Multipack is a dynamically advancing company thanks to many years of experience in the design and development of packaging materials. Based in Belarus, Multipack aims to offer its customers high-quality products through continuous innovation and improvement. The R&D department is committed to finding innovative solutions enhancing the properties of the films as well as developing advanced packaging materials. The production engineers developed unique formulations and production processes fit for each film type, reaching the highest technical standards.

            Why to choose our OPS?

            The Multipack OPS shrink film is produced by flat-die extrusion with the subsequent orientation in the TD direction. The shrinkage percentage could reach as much as 76% from the initial width of the film. The low density of the film makes it more cost effective and easier to separate in recycling operations.

            • Low specific density (1.03 g/cm³)
            • High percentage of maximum shrinkage (>70%)
            • Even shrinkage
            • Excellent transparency, sparkle and gloss


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            The Polyethylene Terephthalate Glycol (PETg) is a high-density film with high strength and excellent clarity and transparency. Compared with the other films for shrink sleeves, the PETg is the material with the higher shrink ratio and the most scuff resistant, in addition, the PETg is pasteurizable and can be easily recycled.

            Shandong Shenghe Plastic Development Co. Ltd. is a private enterprise established in May 2011 in Weifang City. The highly professional and experienced SH Plastic team works every day in order to develop new products fulfilling the increasing sensibility towards the environment, that’s why sustainable films are at the forefront. SH Plastic products and manufacturing processes are strictly in accordance with the international safety and quality regulations, such as RoHS, REACH and FDA certifications, and fully satisfy ISO 9000:2000 International Quality System Certification.

            Why choose our PETg?

            The SH Plastic shrink film presents a very high maximum shrinkage ratio (78%) and the “slow shrink behavior” which prevents the “smiling” and “frowning” effects, allowing the sleeve to perfectly adhere to the container for delivering a perfect result.

            • “Slow shrink” behavior
            • Environmentally friendly
            • Very high shrinkage (78%)
            • Excellent processing properties
            • Excellent transparency