Recycling of shrink films

Recycling is a complicated but necessary action nowadays. So, let’s broaden our horizons in this question.

You know that the plastic film that surrounds deliveries is necessary to ensure that goods and products get delivered in the safest way possible. Some warehouse managers and business owners might not realize, however, is that it’s possible to recycle shrink wrap and keep that material out of landfills.


Your total monthly weight determines the best recycling method for you:

If you generate less than 2,000 pounds per month, use commercial single-stream recycling. Your volume is not high enough to justify other collection or baling equipment.

You have a choice between a 42-yard compactor or a downstroke baler if you generate between about 2,000 - 4,000 pounds per month. (2,000 pounds = 20 gaylords = 3 ten-yard dumpsters). The compactor takes very little work and effort, but you won't make as much money as you would with the downstroke baler. The baler takes more of an investment in man-hours but you'll get paid more for your plastics.

At 4,000 pounds or more per month (equivalent to 40 gaylords = 60 cubic yards = 6 ten-yard dumpsters), it's highly cost-effective to assign a dedicated baler with a cage. Collect at various places in your facility and bale as you go.


Recycling Shrink Wrap and other waste packaging has lots of benefits including:

·        Avoiding Expensive Landfill Costs

·        Reducing the number of waste collections

·        Receiving a rebate on your waste!

·        Reducing your carbon footprint


Thus, between high landfill costs and competitive market pricing for plastic films, it's good business sense to recycle. Polimex knows it, so we offer films that can be recycled.


Contact us to find the film you need. Except for the films that can be recycled, Polimex always offers good quality and high professionalism.