Should you prepare the product packaging and label for the summer?


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Recently, the label along with the packaging has become a powerful tool to drive product sales, as well as the cause of impulsive purchases, which then turn to a habit. Attractive and creative label motivates a customer to make a purchase. Packaging and label should send the right messages. That is why smart label design is so important.To get great packaging design firstly you should explore the market, analyze the products of competitors and explore the desires of the target audience.

But very often customers want to experience something new. Even if your product packaging and label have the excellent design, once in a while we need to renew it. It's a good idea, especially if a trade mark produces seasonal products. Summer is coming, therefore, our Polimex Team suggests you to talk a bit about the significance of the summer label redesign.

What about summer label redesign?

Summer is great time for everyone! These days are full of colors, the sun shines, we enjoy every moment. And in summer we'd like to see our favorite products in the bright, emotional and juicy packaging. It’s important to highlight the naturalness of the ingredients, to show that this product is that what we desire.
So get some tips to make your summer packaging and label attractive and bright:
- Design inspired by nature. Nature inspires us and allows us to relax from the intense city life. In the summer such design will be especially relevant.
- Go fruity! Imagine the packaging of some product in the form of watermelon. Would you like to eat this? It's a great idea for summer, the fruit season!
- Make your label super positive. Summer is a season of happiness. So try to make your best to give a positive message with your packaging and label.
- Use things that come to mind while thinking about summer. Be sure it is a win-win. More sun, beaches, smiles in the design will definitely attract your customers.
- Use flowers and herbs. Creative floral design gives the package a feeling of reliability and relaxation.
- Try to stand out. Don't be afraid of new experiments, analyze your competitors and shine! Summer is your time to be absolutely unique!

And yet, don’t forget to use shrink films (PETg, OPS, PLA) from Polimex Group. You can easily experiment with the packaging and label design with the help of them. Our shrink films are practical and allow you to convey the whole range of color. They have good printing properties and are suitable for processing. And the highlight is our shrink films are eco-friendly.
We will be happy to help you realize all your ideas.