Shrink Sleeve Packaging: what benefits?

Everybody calls it a label but the sleeve is really more like a packaging: suitable for glass, plastic, and metal, guarantees the integrity of the product both protecting the container and preserving the quality of the content.


The technology to implement the Shrink Sleeve packaging was already known in the ’60s and used by some pioneers, such as Fuji in Japan. It was not until the 90s that begin to appear in supermarkets products with complexly shaped packagings fully covered with a sleeve, which attract most the attention of consumers compared to competitors. From then on applications of Shrink Sleeve packaging for commercial products have ever increased, resulting in a growth of the sector which today has a rate of over 5% per annum.

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From a marketing point of view, the sleeve provides more space for communication and creativity than traditional labels, through the ability to decorate the packaging 360° printing the graphics on white, metalized or transparent films. You can also perform the perforation of the film or tear-tape applications for an easy opening of the packaging.

Other important advantages are related to the safety of the product, thanks to the possibility to provide a tamper evident security seal, and to logistics, since the sleeve serves as packaging for the container during transportation and use, while protecting the contents from UV rays. The sleeving also allows you to use the same container for different products and simplifies the product upgrade, only having to replace the sleeve.

Finally, there are also advantages for the environment: the sleeve can be recycled and allows to select a transparent PET container, more easily recyclable than colored PET.