The emotional side of the packaging

A key factor in consumer's choice

One of the aspects less considered by marketers is the emotional impact of a product, in particular, they underestimate its influence in defining the decision to buy, both for planned and impulse purchases.

As per the Nielsen Report “The most innovative products of mass consumption in Europe and the factors that lead to success”:

“Packaging design, one of the aspects least considered by marketing, has been one of the key elements behind the success of new product launches in the last two years in Europe. As a matter of fact, 60% of purchasing decisions happens in front of the shelves of the large distribution."

This means that the majority of purchases are not already defined in the consumer’s mind when they walk into the point of sale and products have the chance to win consumer’s attention.


The Report continues: 

“Packaging is a decisive tool in the marketing mix to increase product knowledge and lead to testing. In order to achieve these results, the packaging must be innovative, appealing and must communicate the value proposition of the offer, so that the consumer can immediately seize the product concept. "

Simply put: the packaging should draw attention and make clear what the product is, what it wants to offer and all the information needed to let the consumer decide in a few minutes if buy it or not.

For example, when design and extra features meet, the packaging goes beyond its mere container function and transforms into something different, offering a unique experience, as in these cases:

Bottle and glass

This innovative bottle can become a glass, allowing to enjoy the product in a new and convenient way.


Odoo image and text block
Odoo text and image block

Musical bottles

Once the product is finished, you can fill the bottles with water and continue to party, playing a new musical instrument.


In the end, during the development of a product is very important to take into consideration the capability of packaging to elicit an emotional response in the customer because this emotional impact affects the decision of purchasing.