The global plastics promlem and the solutions of Polimex Group

Are you concerned about the problem of plastic waste? But at the same time you need to use plastic packaging and labels for goods? Let's talk about this with our Polimex team.

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The plastics problem and its ban in certain countries

Plastic, since its invention in 1855 by the metallurgist Alexander Parks, has progressed in the market for goods. Considering its numerous advantages, ease and low cost of production, as well as the possibility of using it in various branches of everyday life, the amount of plastic products is rapidly growing all over the world. Unfortunately, we’ve got a problem like pollution.

As plastic rubbish, the most common waste are plastic bottles for drinking, plastic caps for bottles, food wrappers, plastic bags, straws, etc.

Currently, more than 60 countries have bans on the use of disposable plastic products. The 28 member states of the European Parliament have voted to ban a range of single-use plastics and to ensure most bottles are recycled to reduce ocean pollution.

It’s sad that only 14% of plastic packaging is collected for recycling, while most plastic packaging is used only once.

It’s a huge problem, but one that has prompted many to try and find a solution. We're impressed by the amazing idea of Indonesian company to create a plastic bag so eco-friendly you can eat it. It’s made out of cassava, the vegetable root which can also be used in manufacturing.

Also the company from Bali, has created a bag that looks and feels like plastic, but is completely degradable and compostable.

Our alternatives

Polimex Group is committed to the environment and we never stop searching for ways to produce eco-friendly shrink films.

Our PETg, OPS and PLA shrink films are pretty eco-friendly and can be recycled. For example, PLA film is a compostable bioplastic derived from renewable materials. PLA uses the raw material made from plants mainly based on corns, sugarcanes or potatoes. It can be decomposed completely into water and carbon dioxide through burying in soil or composted.

Additionally, we’d like to underline that plastic can be reused endlessly and it's a really advantage. But the problem is using it irresponsibly. We should try to consume less and reuse plastic packaging. Then we’ll be able to change our way we live and make our planet better!

Polimex Group will be incredibly grateful to offer you our products and services. Contact us and be free to share your ideas about eco-friendly production and new solutions.