The histori of the packaging industry

We really need packaging in our daily lives. It helps us to ensure the safety of goods and raw materials during transportation, storage and use. It also draws attention, sends a message, and makes consumers feel a certain way. Why don't we talk about the history of the packaging industry?

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What materials were used for the first packaging?

It all started with leaves. Then to store and transport different goods were used nuts and gourds.

Wooden packaging also was widely used. It is interesting that wood packaging is being used for around 5000 years. To store and transport products and goods even animal skin were used. In 1900s paper and cardboard have become quite popular packaging materials. But in course of time plastic was invented, and it started replacing paper as a packaging material. By the way, the inventor of plastic is a metallurgist and inventor Alexander Parkes from Birmingham. He used nitrocellulose, camphor, and alcohol to make his own plastic.

Interestingly, that the packaging sector accounted for about two percent of the gross national product in developed countries. And nearly half of this market was related to food packaging.

What about labeling?

It is any written, electronic, or graphic information on the package or on a label. Label evolution dates back to the period of the Industrial Revolution during the late 1700s and early 1800s. The labels were printed on handmade paper by a wooden press, and glued to the product. This was really difficult, therefore, in 1798 the paper machine and the principle of lithography were invented to make this process more efficient. Up to 1860 color printing developed considerably. And up to nowadays the manufacturers have understood the important role of the colors in selling products.

The mutual thing between the past and the modern label is creativity, that has as a goal catching consumers interest, and being attractive and reliable.

Our contribution to the history

Our company Polimex produces polymeric films, in particular for shrink sleeve packaging. Obviously, these products play pretty important role in the packaging industry.

The history of shrink packaging materials began in 1938 with the invention of the French scientist Anri de Pois. The production of shrink bags began in the United States in 1939, and the patent was protected in 1945.

The first shrink films were made of PVC, as the most technologically simple and cheap material. At our days the use of PVC causes a lot of claims from the "green". Therefore, Polimex Group uses alternatives to shrink PVC film such as: PETg, OPS and PLA.

About the future

The development of plastic packaging materials has increased the need for Eco Friendly Packaging. Because of that, evolution of packaging is going to offer us different “green” variation of it. Also we hope to see increased design and branding capabilities. Polimex Group, for its part, are going to follow future developments in this field and offer you our products and services.

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