The new Polimex on Call Off Stock supply chain service

Since the 2017 year Polimex offers to customers a very important supply chain solution: on Call Off Stock system, which provides the possibility to save working capital and does not stop continuous production at the same time.


We know that for our clients it is important not to shut down production in the absence of materials in order to avoid excessive costs, at the same time not overload the internal warehouse for logistical reasons and in order to save so precious working capital at the same time.

For this reason, Polimex helps to organize the supply chain of clients with on Call Off Stock service, so we are ready to keep in our temperature controlled warehouse the total quantity of materials ordered by you for 90 days, free of charge.

Polimex will ship by request from 1000 kg from the total on Call Off Stock order and issues invoice ONLY for every shipped quantity, with a price quotation for the whole on Call Off Stock order.

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  • - The final discounted price is calculated on the whole reserved quantity,
  • - Free storage until 90 days in our warehouse,
  • - Shipment by request from 1000 kg from whole reserved quantity in maximum three days in Italy and in seven days across all Europe,
  • - Invoice issued ONLY for every pick up from whole reserved quantity.


The Open Stock does not guarantee availability in the most essential moment.