The new Polimex PLA Shrink Film

Is available the new eco-friendly and compostable film for shrink sleeve.

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        WHAT IS PLA?

        Polylactic Acid (PLA) is an eco-friendly bioplastic made from renewable resources which are becoming more and more popular thanks to its biodegradability, biocompatibility, and good thermomechanical properties. The PLA shrink film behaves similarly to other films while it requires a lower amount of heat to shrink and presents a higher maximum shrinkage ratio.


        The Polimex PLA shrink film is 100% biodegradable, offers advanced processing properties, a very high maximum shrinkage ratio (83%) and the “slow shrink behavior”, which avoids the “smiling” and “frowning” effects providing a uniform shrinkage.

        • Environmentally friendly and 100% compostable

        • “Slow shrink” behavior and very high maximum shrinkage ratio (83%)

        • Advanced processing properties

        • High transparency and good gloss, good ink adhesion