Three services for managing your stock at best

The new Polimex offers

Polimex provides different solutions for organising the management of your stock at best, saving time and money.


The flexibility of always available goods, to cope with production emergencies.

Open Stock service

Minimum order:

1 ton EU

0,5 ton Italy and Spain

Invoicing at delivery

Payment 60 days


Your goods reserved in our warehouse for 90 days, so you never end up without the film you need.

Call Off Stock service

Minimum order: 10 ton

Minimum delivery: 1 ton

Invoicing at each delivery

Payment 60 days


To receive directly all
the ordered material.

Direct shipment service

Minimum order:

ECO: 10 ton

ECO PLUS: 20 ton

Invoicing at delivery

Payment 90 days