What is new in printing technologies?

The printing industry has seen major shifts in the past decade or so. The main objective is to help satisfy customer needs.With the help of this article, we are going to take a glance at some of the great novelties in printing technology.

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1. The rise of digital printing

The digital printing market is rising pretty fast. It is essential to be able to adapt to this growing market. Present digital printing technologies are developing, offering fast and really quality designs at reasonable costs. Digital printing gives you the opportunities for on-demand printing, that is great when choosing materials such as packaging. For sure it is crucial for businesses to adopt to the digital printing.

2. Using of voice control

This great opportunity will be developing more and more in the printing industries. Voice control is a super chance for industry players to position their products and services as innovative and help some businesses increase their productivity. In the future we will see a lot of smart services necessary in modern workplaces.

3. Inkjet printing development

The inkjet printing market has changed significantly. Printers have moved away from electrophotography and offset printing. There are innovative inks and improved print heads that give the possibility to stick to the gloss coated paper without the pretreatment. That is why inkjet is currently in trend. According to expert opinion, until the end of 2019 more than 50% of the installs in inkjet will be sheet-fed. Inkjet will be used for plastic, textile, foil, ceramic, wood, metal and glass.

4. Multi-channel printing

Printing is moving further being influenced by digital communication and internet. Variable data printing, web to print and the internet supported tools like the QR codes and augmented reality is reflected in the printing industry. Obviously, it makes a process easier for the end user to simplify the different print related jobs.

5. Importance of customization

This trend in the printing industry isn't going to lose ground. There are loads of customers are seeking to design their own packaging, encouraging printing companies to develop technologies that can meet these requirements. Premium customization is a goal of digital printing that will be achieved really soon.

Of course, there is still a lot that can be done in printing. Many experts work hard to get worthwhile results. Cost-effective and high-quality printing is the crucial purpose of the developments.

Also it’s worth to say that our PLA, OPS, PETg shrink films are suitable for printing too. They combine strength, heat resistance, durability and ease of use. Thanks to the low heat shrinkage, you shouldn't be frightened of distortion in the size of printouts. Image printing on shrink labels can range from relatively inexpensive flexographic printing to ten-color photographic-quality rotogravure.

We hope that this information was interesting. Please feel free to contact Polimex Group with questions, ideas or suggestions.