What trends in packaging and label design will make us happy in 2019?

The new design is a unique visual variation.

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Three-dimensional elements of the package or label, the coincidence of the background colour and volumetric image, a combination of bright colours and a gradient look quite interesting and are perceived very friendly. Additionally, they motivate the viewer to stop and take a closer look at the product.

Let’s look at the most influential label trends for 2019.

    1. Atypical design. The atypical design is the use of creative solutions, desire to surprise the customer and use non-standard kinds of labels for usual goods. It’s a pretty good idea to surprise your client.

    2. Bright gradients. One of the unusual ways to make a label colourful and attractive is using the gradients. With bright colour combinations, they are working their way from being a simple background to getting one of the main components of label design. It’s expected to see bright, colourful and neon gradients around the world.

    3. Simplicity and clarity. With minimalistic packaging, all non-essential things take a back seat and the essence of the object is revealed. The cleanliness and effectiveness of your label design make the product shine. This design is guaranteed to stand out.

    4. Illustration. For instance, flat illustrations look like simplified forms and thanks to this peculiarity the colours stand out, the text becomes more readable. The focus is on a simple design, colour, typography and the overall minimalist approach. And the thing we admire about this trend is that it has enough flexibility to evolve in the future.

    5. Vintage style. This trend in design will also be popular, especially for food and beverages. Wherever you are in the world, vintage labels will be your companions. It conveys authenticity and gives some special feel of the product.

    6. Nude palettes. Nude is an interesting mixture of peach and rosy, with cream or chocolate tones. These hues make the labels soft and playful. The designers will play with combinations of nude and pastel palettes. Many marketers assure that this kind of colour noticeably increases sales. 

    7. Photos. No secret that this is one of the eternal trends. A high-quality photo can make the buyer stop and look at the product again. Especially will be good to use photos in minimalistic style. 

    In 2019 you have a huge amount of choices of packaging and label design but whatever you choose you should stay green.  It is coming into trend with confidence and is going to stay for quite a while. We’re going to see more multi-functional packaging that provides practical solutions to storage or house design.