Shrink Sleeve Label troubleshooting

SSL problem  >   Solution,Cause

1.  Not relaxed HDPE > Heat active glue or wright film > OPS

2.  Flower on top > Insufficient film shrinkage

3.  Barcode distortion > Vertical position always

4.  Ink color change > ink quality,fast shrink in steam

tunnel, insufficient slip characteristics

5.  Whiteness inside > Excessive ink in HS area > Remove

6.  Wet T-shirt/Sellotape > Separate surfaces of film

&container with white/varnish

7.  Scalloped edges > slit bad > move little bit back solvent to very edge place

8.  Burst seam in HS area > solvent quality,ink contamination,fountain solution in seam area,insufficient solvent delivery

9.  Ink cracked in fold> keep U fold always

10.  Black color > absorb heat more in hot air &radiant tunnels > adjust tunnel or less black ink in HS area

11.  Fish eyes > film contact with cold surface&glass >

pre-heat prior shrink apply on hot air&radiant,ok for steam.

12.  Neck collapse in HS containers > Shrunk too fast,result of tunnels too hot > Shrink slowly from the bottom to up.

13.  Curl back in top > No clear area in the top of  label, film shrink faster than ink > Rest important layflat on label