Pharmaceutical films

PVC rigid film for cold forming

The PVC film for cold forming is a special packaging of high barrier and perfect prevention from moisture and UV. Ideal for pharm packaging under a climate of high temperature and humidity, especially for pharmaceutical products in tropical areas.

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Why to choose Polimex film

Our film presents low thikness variation along with superior laminating properties and is long term resistant to delamination; moreover it provides an impermeable barrier against moisture, oxygen and gases, protecting the product and extending its shelf life.

The Polimex PVC is made with first quality resin and is constantly quality controlled for reducing the presence of alien substances, in order to guarantee the high reliability of the film.

Polimex offers a broad choice of film dimensions with the aim to meet any client’s request.

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PVC rigid film for blister packing

The Polimex PVC rigid film is suitable for various types of vacuum formed packaging: from pharmaceutical products (such as capsules, tablets, syringes, cosmetics, gums, candies, etc.) to general food packaging, confectionery box, blister packaging for toothbrush case, box lid for stationery and semi-conductor tray.

Why to choose Polimex film

Our film shows ideal forming characteristics because is free from softening agents, it offers very good properties for vacuum forming and deep drawing moulding.

The Polimex PVC also presents an high impact strength and cold resistance properties, is non toxic, because free from plasticizers and heavy metals, and has a very low water-vapor permeability.

AluAlu foil

The Polimex AluAlu foil is a silver foil with a layered structure composed by Nylon (OPA), Aluminium foil and PVC rigid film.

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Why to choose Polimex foil

Our AluAlu foil offers good impermeability for ultimate protection against moisture, light and all kind of gases, guaranteeing anti-oxidation and an increased shelf life of the product. The foil also presents thermal and electrical conductivity features.

The polimex AluAlu foil is completely sterile and does not react with the majority of foods, it provides a good sealability on PVC/PVDC and is printable, for a better protection against counterfeits.

The light density of the foil minimizes the weight of packaging and helps saving resources during transportation.