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PETg Shrink film

 Why choose PETg

- Slow Shrink  Behavior

- Very high shrinkage ratio

- Excellent processing properties

- Eco-compatible

- Excellent transparency

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OPS Shrink film

Why choose OPS

Excellent transparency and gloss 

- Uniform Shrinkage 

- High maximum shrinkage (>70%) 

- Low density (1.03g/cm3) 

- High Yield

PLA Shrink film

Why choose PLA

- Environmental friendly (100% Compastable)

- Slow shrink behavior, and very high maximum shrinkage ratio (83%)

- Advanced processing properties

- High transparency (good gloss and good ink adhesion

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Unlimited Email Addresses

120GB Disk Space

Unlimited MySQL Databases

Unlimited Domains

Free Billing Systems

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