When should you do label redesign?

Do you want super attractive labels for your products? Or, maybe you already have these ones. Anyway, you should to refresh your brand with existing customers from time to time! Our Polimex Team has some ideas about this, let's look!


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Why is product label so important?

The label is the business card of your brand, which forms the first opinion about the product in the eyes of the consumer!

Recently, the label along with the packaging has become a powerful tool to stimulate product sales. Additionally, it causes impulsive purchases, which then evolve into a habit. Label design, right colors, fonts, graphics and materials are essential, because attractive and creative label interests the buyer and motivates him to make a purchase.

It's no secret that all leading companies in the market and well-known global brands always pay great attention to label design and packaging. For example, Coca-Cola has constantly upgraded and  remodelled both the packaging and the label and almost always successfully! As we can see, excellent label, packaging, logo design makes Coca-Cola the permanent market leader, a brand that has tremendous success.

What about redesign?

It's absolutely good idea to make redesign of the appearance of any brand if it starts to lose ground among the competitors. This is a powerful tool for restoring the market position and capturing new segments.

The purpose of the label redesign is to improve product appeal and better position the brand as a quality, necessary product.

Let's take a look at some of the reasons to update label design:

Be relevant and fresh. Time moves on as well as customers’ style. With increasing competition, outdated labels may not work now. Anyway, you can just simplify your design.

Your labels aren't different from others on the shelf. There is a huge amount of goods in stores. How not to get lost in the search? Customers are looking at product cost and design on the shelf. There is no profit in a missed opportunity.

New products appear. Along with the new products you can get new audience you have to reach. So new label design is a perfect idea to attract critical consumers.

You want "green" labels. It's no wonder that using environmentally-friendly products is absolutely trendy now and it proves your commitment to the environment. It is definitely a win-win for you. So if this sounds like a good idea, then Polimex's eco-friendly films are perfect for you.

You didn't invest enough in your product. Such things as texture of the paper, quality of the print, design of the label can stimulate the buying decision. Therefore, label needs right investment to be pretty eye-catching.

Additionally, we'd like to say that the updated brand must save some resemblance with the old design, some elements by which consumers connect their perception of the new design with the favorite brand.

So in case you want to retain the brand relevance, you should turn to label redesign. And Polimex Group is going to help you with great pleasure. We’ll gladly offer you high quality and eco-friendly shrink films to help you implement all the design ideas. We’re waiting for you.